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Welcome to PRUworks.

Our goal is to support you – our SME customers – on your path to success by providing a seamless, integrated experience and an extensive suite of services that go way beyond insurance.

PRUworks is your home for business.

Why Choose Us

PRUworks lets you choose your group protection plan based on your organization’s unique needs by selecting the amount of coverage, medical protection, and benefits.

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Small-Group Size

Coverage for SMEs with as little as 3 employees.

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Choose a plan according to your budget and needs.

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Guaranteed Coverage

Eligible employees enjoy coverage up to $200,000 for Group Term Life and up to $100,000 for Group accident and dismemberment.

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Comprehensive Solutions

We offer Life, Medical, and Surgical coverage with a suite of supplementary plans.

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Extended Coverage

Dependant’s coverage for medical products and coverage for employees residing out of Singapore.

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Complimentary Health Screening

Receive complimentary health screening when signing up for more than 10 employees.

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Value-Added Services

PruWorks also provides access to value-added services for your business and lifestyle needs.

A New World of Services

PRUworks opens the door to an extensive and tailored mix of products and services.

For Employees

For your Business

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Easy Access to Medical Specialists
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Employee Digital Wellness Platform

Easy Access to Medical Specialists

Empower your employees by enabling them to find the right doctor for their unique medical condition or procedure.

DocDoc’s doctor discovery system gives your employees access to a doctor who will provide them with a personalized set of recommended specialists based on their preferences and needs.

With the largest provider network in Asia, DocDoc ensures each of your employees will receive efficiently priced treatments from physicians that are well qualified for the specific condition or procedure – resulting in increased productivity.

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